Adventures of Chaos and Mayhem

My life with four kids and their Autism, ADHD, and OCD…

That’s The Ticket

During the three weeks we lived with Scott, I frantically searched for a house worth buying.  I even searched for an apartment or townhome that was worth renting.  I couldn't find anything.  I was still working in Wayne.  My commute... Continue Reading →

It has been 5 1/2 years since I have last written on this page.  I am going to try to summarize the time.  There has been a lot. My kids did go to public school.  There were ups and downs... Continue Reading →

A Dog for David

I have decided that rather than sit here on my hands praying that I am being proactive enough to help David, I am getting him a service dog.  I cannot just sit here and wonder if his medicine is enough.... Continue Reading →

Holiday Fun

As David grows I grow confident that he will maintain a healthy place in society. But there are still fears. He no longer bites. But now he chokes. Celia and Rhys were standing together. Celia was confronting David. Verbally bullying... Continue Reading →

North Carolina

Road Trip 2010 began Monday August 2nd. We finally left our home in Pennsylvania at 10 AM. Daniel's glasses and new hiking boots were missing. Turned out the glasses were in a case (amazing) in his backpack and his shoes... Continue Reading →

To Roadtrip or Not To Roadtrip

Since the beginning of this year, I have been planning a roadtrip. It was to be the mother-of-all-roadtrips. I put aside tax money and began writing down possible places we would want to visit. First I was focusing on the... Continue Reading →

What a way to end the day

My day began to be disrupted last night. I was supposed to drive to my sister's in Lancaster, but the school district's automated system called to tell me there was a 2-hour delay in the morning. I called my sister... Continue Reading →


We had school conferences yesterday. First was David's. He's doing very well. His reading is a little behind, but mostly because he needs to really learn the -ed and -ing endings. He is having a few behavioral issues right now.... Continue Reading →


Kittens are adorable, right?  Well, I think I could agree a little bit more if we qualify it.  How about...domestic kittens are cute, right?  Wild kittens.  Not so cute.  So, tonight on the way to Boy Scouts, a woman flags... Continue Reading →

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