Okay, I must admit. I never thought I’d be blogging. I mean never. But I was invited to read my best friend’s son’s blog. Adorable. Then I linked to my friend’s blog. Just to comment on her blog I had to create an account. Well, I was half way done. Once I had an account, why not go the rest of the way and just create my very own blog? And another reason for my blogging is that I will moving soon. Why not begin allowing people to keep up with us by just reading my blog? After all, I am doing a terrible job at telling everyone what’s been going on.

As to what’s going on, my 7 year old daughter was just diagnosed with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and Inattentive Type ADD. We’re trying her on Stratera. My 5 year old son (aka Chaos) has Autism. And now we’ve decided to try him on Stratera as well. That’s his second daily medication. The other is Risperdal. It helps keep down his violence. Notice I only said helps. Not stops. Only helps. My 3 year old (aka Mayhem) is OCD as well, though too young to diagnose. Other than that he is a rather defiant and stubborn little soul. My last–but not least–child is now 21 months old. He is more than able to hold his own amongst the rest of my offspring. He loves superheroes and capes and swords and lightsabres as much as his brothers.

I lightly mentioned that we’ll be moving. We’ll be gone by June 30th. The catch is, we don’t know where we’re going. The resumes that are out right now are to: Virginia Commonwealth Univ, Southern Connecticut, Clarion State (in PA), and Mansfield State (also in PA). I think there are other resumes out, but those four are the main ones. My husband is a track and field coach. He is a good coach. He has good ethics, integrity. (The only thing he doesn’t have is the ability to show his fine qualities while at home.)

Over all, we share a happy home. It’s just full of Chaos and Mayhem…