Celia was getting really difficult again. I was really frustrated. Even Amanda was at the end of her rope. Honestly. When we were all at Target, Amanda considered telling Celia that if she didn’t stop the way she was acting, they were not going to eat dinner with us. No amount of talking, understanding, threatening, or cajoling would get her to behave. It was a rough night. She was upset because the Cabbage Patch Doll she wanted, Carmen, was no longer there. I hugged her. I talked her through it. I offered another doll. I suggested she wait till we find the perfect one. I even let her call for help to ask if there were any others. Unfortunately help never arrived. We were all horribly tired and wanted to eat. Presley, Amanda’s daughter, and Henry were especially fussy. We needed to leave. Celia lost it. I promised her that we would at the very least go to Wal-Mart that night and look there. After a particularly rough dinner, I took them to Toys-R-Us. We went straight to the Cabbage Patch Dolls. We hardly looked at anything else. Yet Celia was still upset. She just wanted to get one but wasn’t happy with any of the ones available. And I still kept my promise and took her to Wal-Mart. It was the end of the night. It was after 9 on a Friday night. All the kids were losing it. So, we left without a Cabbage Patch.

Day after day of this behavior, I didn’t know what to do with her. Amanda asked if she was always like this. It’s part of the reason she started public school back in February. But things lately had been really good. I’ve been really enjoying days off of school and looking forward to the end of school.

It was Amanda who suggested that the Strattera was making her tired. I had noticed that since going on Strattera, David had taken a few naps. After all, if it made him tired enough to take naps, then perhaps it was making her that tired too. And since she’s in school, there’s no opportunity for her to nap. And she’s 7. Who wants to waste the day napping? So, I’ve switched them to taking it at night. What a difference it makes! Celia and David are both doing so much better.