hpim2127.jpgLast week David announced he had a loose tooth. I nearly cried. I encouraged him to wiggle it. Which he did naturally. Celia took it upon herself to tell David what it was like to lose a tooth. She meant well. However, when she said it’ll bleed only a little bit, David freaked. He does not like to bleed. (Isn’t it ironic that he is the only one of my 4 children that has chronic nose bleeds?) So, for the last week, he has allowed me to wiggle it a little bit, but has declared that he’s keeping his tooth.

Yesterday on the way to Lubbock, I was again telling him to wiggle the tooth. He kept saying that he decided to keep it. He desperately wanted a Tails the Fox (from Sonic the Hedgehog) and I told him we’d get Tails as soon as his tooth came out.

David said, “Mommy, the Bible says, ‘We are to keep our tooth AND get Tails. John 8:24.”

In the mall, however, I got him to allow me to wiggle the tooth. Without much work, the tooth was coming away from the gums. Then it bugged him. He began wiggling it and he asked me for help. Soon the tooth was out and we marched off to Kay-Bee to buy Tails.

On the way, I asked if David wanted to call anyone. He said, “Grandpop Leon.” He called my dad, and announced, “I lost my very own tooth! And it bleeded only an eensy, weensy, teeny bit!”

Later on in the evening, I called my mom to tell her about my baby’s milestone. She was at prayer meeting. As she left the room, she whispered, “Put him on!” David told her all about losing the tooth and then buying Tails. She was having a hard time understanding. I heard him say, “Tails the fos and Sonic the hedgehog… No, fos with an X!” David knew that FOX ended with an X!!!