Yesterday was day 17 of our toilet trouble. See Toilet Trouble.  The kids–mainly David–could not stop using it, even though it was visibly stopped up. So day 17 began as a really gross toilet. I put my shirt over my nose and began shooting hot water down…again. The water didn’t go down. But it did begin to bubble from the Lever. I kept shooting water down. I stopped when it reached the rim. I was really in trouble this time. I stared at the disgusting bowl. Then the water level dropped. It seemed too good to be true. I pushed the handle on the tank, and watched it flush! Really flush. Not just glug down as it had every other time I’d run hot water down. At that point, all I had to do was grab the Comet with bleach, thoroughly coat the inside of the bowl, and scrub. I did that about 3 times until I was satisfied that it was sanitized. I’m still in shock that it’s finally unstuck!!!