Well, I’ve had nothing but positive feedback from everyone involved with my kids. I didn’t tell people we’d started Strattera. I just asked how it was going. The librarian said David did really well the last few weeks. At church today they seemed excited how well David did. They said he did excellent. This past Wednesday, Celia’s school walked to the playground. We met them there for some shared playtime. In talking to her teacher, she said Celia finished out the school year very well. I asked if her attention improved. She thought half a moment, and said, “Yes. She did seem to leave her seat less and fidget less.” This was all new to me. She had never mentioned before that there were any issues with leaving her seat and fidgeting. I had asked about chattering back in February, and the teacher had said it’s not too little that we’d have to worry about social issues, and not so much as to be a distraction. That was the same day she casually mentioned that Celia had attention concerns. Of course, I said it first and she agreed. Then I was told that the 3 F’s she received her first week of school were a direct result. I knew that her spelling F was because of it, but she didn’t tell me that Celia stopped mid-reading to ask questions about what sex the horses were and what their names were. That was why Celia scored 27 words per minute instead of closer to the required 40.

Anyway, enough of a vent. School is done. I intend to return to homeschooling. I would take a break, but Celia wants to start up right away. In fact, when we got home from school on Friday, she asked if she could start homeschool right then. She said she’d like 10 sheets of work! I said we’ll see. We ended up doing fun stuff to celebrate the end of school, instead.

Personally I’ve seen growth in Celia’s ability to follow a two-part command. She has also been a bit more trust worthy in getting herself ready for the day. I spent months sitting next to her in the bathroom walking her through each step of how to get ready for school. Things a typical 7 year old should know.

With David, I think it has quelled some of his hyper-activity. Not all mind you, but some. I didn’t want to stop it all anyway. I just wanted a little help.

This morning he sat in his chair at church during praise and worship. During the final song, he came to be held. His legs hung to my knees, but I didn’t care. I was worshiping God and feeling so very thankful for my children. I was praising God for everything that has been going so well. I was thanking Him that my ADD daughter was enjoying holding her Cabbage Patch kids while listening to praise and worship. I was thanking Him that my ASD son was allowing me to hold and cuddle him. I was thanking Him that no matter what we may go through in the upcoming months, I will always have their love and His love.