Celia began school this morning bright and early. I wasn’t ready. She began by bringing me a math curriculum book and telling me to give her ten pages to do. I said we’d start with two. I chose the first page from chapter 9 and from chapter 10. Money and time. Something I don’t think they did this year in public school. The first 8 chapters were unbelievably easy. This was a book they sent home from school with the kids. I guess to keep them remembering their math over the summer. But chapter 1 begins with writing the numbers and counting. This is for kids preparing to enter second grade. Give me a break.

So, after Celia did both sides of the worksheets, she wanted more work. Since I wasn’t ready for school today, I had to rummage to find the next sheets in the A Beka curriculum I had used before. It is labeled 1st grade, but it is new material and harder than what she had at public school. Part of her one sheet was filling in statements. She wrote: My favorite day of the week is Monday. She showed it to me and explained that Monday was her favorite because Mom and Monday both start with M, and one week she and I had a special day just the two of us and it was on a Monday.

The next part of school was baking a banana cake. She read the recipe, and retrieved the ingredients. She also had to find the proper measuring cups and spoons. She counted it all out. Before I added the egg, she got a small taste of it. She did a great job. I really didn’t have to correct her much at all. (I had to show her that the recipe called for 1 and 1/4 cups of sugar, and not just 1/4. The “and” was implied.)

While the cake baked, we played Number Rings (a Discovery Toys) game. Then we finished our novel about Amelia Erhart: First Lady of Flight. It is listed as Juvenile Fiction. As I read, I instructed Celia to draw a picture of her favorite part of the book. Her picture was of Amelia landing on Gardner Island (incidentally, that was not something discussed in the book). After finishing it, I decided to go on the internet and look for more information. I had never known so much about her before. Celia was sad to learn that she had died. She liked to think that she landed on Gardner Island instead of Howland Island and survived. Thing is, no matter what happened, she did die. In 1940, a man found a tall, thin, white woman’s skeleton under a tree on Gardner Island. Nearby was a shoe circa 1930’s that matched the type of shoes seen in photos of Amelia from her round the world trip. Also found was a man’s shoe (presumably her navigator’s). Celia then said she wanted to change her picture. She didn’t like to think of her crashing after that.

After lunch we all got to sample the cake. Delicious!

Then Celia was free. She chose to play on the computer.

And it was David’s turn for school. He did lesson 4 in reading (Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons). And then wrote “s”, “a”, and “m”. He couldn’t do an “s” without hand-over-hand help. He attempted an “a” for the first time. And “m” wasn’t even part of school today, but he did it just because he wanted to! And there are some good m’s in there! Then he told me about the picture in his Little Critter reading workbook (ISBN 1577685997BT), and then drew pictures hand-over-hand of Sonic the hedgehog, Shadow, and Knuckles. Math (ISBN 1577685091BT) was putting 4 pictures in order from smallest to biggest. I had him cut them out–and his final cut was 95% on the line!!! Then I put glue stick on a piece of construction paper and let him place them in order. He did great. We had to talk about which was bigger, Litter Critter’s cat or dog, but he was correct with the cricket and the mouse without any help at all.

I was so proud of how great both of them did with school today! It left me feeling elated!