Henry said a three word sentence yesterday!  He came up to me and said, “Ge da gack.”  Translation: Get the snack.  So, at 22 months, Henry is doing great!  After my experience with David and then Daniel, I watch and track milestones like a hawk.  I continually keep track of how many words he has: no, mom, dad, Daniel, cat, dog, cow, girl, boy, batman, car, book, go, this, that, mine, drink, banana, burger, cheese, cracker, cookie, snack, again, bye, night-night, thank you, love you, sweet dreams, come on…  And I’m sure I’m forgetting some.  He follows directions well.  He’s already come to me for help, and I was too busy with dinner or something, and I said, “Take it to Celia; she’ll help you.”  He turns around without so much as a complaint, and goes directly to Celia.

Yet, as proud and as happy as I am, I am still so paranoid.   After David’s autism and Daniel’s hearing problems from his frequent ear infections, I am paranoid that I’m fooling myself and suddenly I’ll realize someday that Henry isn’t doing as well as I thought.  He is a fourth child, though.  That fact alone is a speech inhibitor.  After all, who can get a word in with all that goes on in my house?