One Sunday at church David wanted to be held and was just generally cuddly. I was looking at him and thinking that if (hypothetically) he stops developing now or soon that Liza and I might very well be the only “friends” he ever has. The only people in which he has mutually extended and unconditional love. I realize the gravity of such a prospect when I remember my friends and what kind of friend I have been to them. Then I thought about the lyrics of the song we were singing in praise and worship and it spoke of Jesus always being our friend (I don’t remember the exact words). Then I realized that no matter what happens to Liza or me God will ALWAYS be David’s friend – a real friend and might be the only one that can really communicate with him. That made me cry. Not sad, but happy that no matter what happens with David from here on God will always be with him and be his closest friend. Of course David could develop normally or at least only be a little behind where he should be. He could marry, have kids, become a very important person in his field or just a great guy to be around. But, God will always be his friend. I love my family very, very much. I’m crying now.
(I’m the one you dont hear much about)