Okay, so I was reading an MSN article on Frugal Fanny.  Here is a woman who has set her priorities not on material items, but on financial freedom.  Not that she is rich.  She and her husband live on $65,000 a year in the Washington DC area.  The difference is, she has been debt free most of her life!  Their only debt is their mortgage.  And she had managed to save $20,000 as a down payment on their home.  I aspire to be debt free.  According to our credit counselors, we should be free of credit card debt in 4 years.  Our car was financed as a 6 year loan, but we’ve been making payments like it was a 5 year loan.  We have 2 1/2 years until we’re free of that loan.  Just imagining being free of those two monthly payments, makes me wish I could snap my fingers and be free of them now.  Financially we will be much better off once our debt is gone.  And much more able to survive on our modest single income.