Yesterday seemed to be much better.  David still attacked Daniel a few times, but not like it was last week.  Last week was horrible.  Every time I tried to pack a box, I had to stop and run to someone’s rescue.  I was barely able to do laundry!

By the end of the week I began to wonder if it was all a result of a growth spurt.  Typical growth spurt behaviors involve spitting, violent behaviors, accidents (daytime and nighttime), and some other regressive behaviors.  Last week all we saw was violence.  But, he is getting older.  David will be 6 at the end of September.  We’ve seen evidence of his maturing in many facets of our daily life.

In the past, we handled growth spurts by  increasing David’s Risperdal.  So, we again decided to increase his dose.  Typically David gets .25 mL three times a day.  His last growth spurt we gave him .5 mL 3 times a day.  And when the growth spurt was over, it was too much of a dose.  It actually made him violent.  I ended up keeping him off the Risperdal for a few days for it to work it’s way out of his body.  This time we are giving him .38 mL  in the morning and .25 mL for his other 2 doses.  And beginning yesterday we are seeing an improvement.

I even was able to pack a few boxes AND do 5 loads of laundry.