Well, lately we’ve been consumed with packing boxes, keeping David from killing Daniel and even Henry, seemingly pointless yard sales, and coping with all the upcoming changes.  I’ve neglected my poor blog.  And my blog stats confirm this.  My number of views have gone from 64 to 30 to 10.  Yes, I have not been the dedicated blogger I vowed to be.

School has been shut down for the time being.  David’s Risperdal is still a double dose in the morning.   And then the rest of the day consists of bribing Celia with tokens to help us pack and do laundry, doing ABA holds on David, removing Henry from the dog’s water bowl, and packing one box every two hours.

My one piece of joy and thanksgiving is that yesterday I heard Amanda promise Caedmon that he would see us every day this week.  I have had a major fear of wanting to see them this week and only hearing that they are too busy with their move.   Yes, they are moving too.  But not to Pennsylvania like I want.  They are merely moving to a new home here in Plainview.  I want so much for them to move near us.  I don’t want to lose Amanda’s friendship.

Thankfully there are tools such as blogs, email, and cell phones.  But when you consider that the kids and I are used to seeing them a few times a week, this is a drastic change.  Friendship like this is a once in a lifetime occurrence.

I am ever so grateful that I also have Melissa’s friendship.  And since she and I met via email, our relationship won’t change no matter where either of us lives.  I think her friendship will also help me cope with our new situation.

I am also hoping to have Celia continue blogging.  As well as having the kids make home movies on DVD and then mail them to Caedmon.  We are blessed to have a video camera that burns directly to DVD.   As for Amanda and I, I intend to blog and email and I’ve already increased my cell phone minutes.