A pleasant surprise for everyone: my kids are adjusting and behaving rather well.  We have been able to visit my grandparents several times.  Only once did we have to leave because the kids couldn’t behave.  Other than that, at all the family parties and functions, the kids did well.  I’ve received some nice compliments from some very critical family members.  Yes, there were also some ludicrous comments.  I can’t escape that.  Like when my cousin (who is 15 mo old) was screaming (which he does well) and my aunt said, “Your last name is Henry not your first name!”  But David did rather well.  Of course, to be on the safe side, I put David’s “I’m Autistic…” shirt on when it was time for my cousin’s engagement party.  That way, when surrounded by all the people I didn’t know, and all the people–including family–who aren’t used to David, they would know he’s Autistic and I wouldn’t just be making excuses for any unacceptable behavior.