In Texas, people like to think that they live in the best state in the Union.  But, I don’t think that statement can be any more true than, “This is the best dog breed, and everyone should own one of these…”  There is something for everyone.  We are not all happy with the same things.  If we were, this world would be boring.  Instead, “variety is the spice of life.”

Before moving to Pennsylvania, I was told that PA homeschoolers receive a free computer.  Free computer sounds pretty good.  In TX, I was the teacher and administrator of my own home-school.  No reporting.  That’s pretty good too.  Well, now I am in PA.  I have to fill out affidavits and  supply proof of residency and vaccination records for my children.  Not too bad, I guess.  David is autistic, so I have to have a certified special education person sign off that my homeschool is sufficient for his special needs.  That’s a bit much.  BUT now I’ve come down to the nitty gritty.  In PA there are cyber charter schools.  Free public school in your own home.  That’s why the free computer.  Also free printer/scanner/fax.  Also reimbursement for internet provider.  Not bad at all.  So, I can choose a curriculum from their somewhat limited list, and enroll my daughter for 2nd grade.  And rather than wondering how I am going to afford the curriculum I want, I can work with the curriculum offered, teach my daughter while being guided via the internet, and supplement it if need be like I would any normal school year.

I would also think this option would help other parents feel less intimidated by homeschooling.  If I were a parent who wanted to give it a try, I would feel more like it’s a no lose situation.  Why not give it a try?  It doesn’t cost anything more than a typical public school.