This morning at 9 AM, I met with the principal of the local public elementary school.  Yes, I know.  Gasp.  I was considering public school.

But, a lot has been going on lately.  The move from TX.  Leaving Amanda and her family.  Moving in with my dad.  And my marriage separation.  Things have not been as honky-dory as I wish.  Believe it or not, I am stressed.  My dad and I get along.  Most of the time.  A couple times he stepped over the line with my kids.  He quite clearly disagreed with my rules, and was rude.  We quarreled.  Then of course, while we weren’t talking to each other, he stepped in dog poop.  Yes, my dog pooped in his bathroom.  And it wasn’t the first time.

It didn’t help that I’ve been off my Celexa for far too long.  I was easily upset.  But with everything going on.  Maybe everyone is right.  Maybe homeschooling it just too much.

And when I called PA Cyber, they informed me that open enrollment ended July 31st.  But I was more than welcome to put her on the wait list and see if she was accepted.  Now, does that make much sense?  It takes 10 days for enrollment to be completed.  And this is a CYBER school.  Not an in person school.  Even if they count the first day of school as August 27th, shouldn’t the last day of open enrollment be August 17th?

Anyway…  My choices were to either go and fill out my affidavit and paper work to homeschool the kids, or to enroll them in public school.  With all the things going on at home, the thought of paperwork and reporting on my homeschooling just seemed like too much.  But at least I do have The Weaver Volume 1.  And I figured I could round it out with the second half of A Beka’s Language Arts and Math from last year.  After all we only finished half.  And it was ahead of what they did in the public school.  And I think if I was in Texas I would do it.

But I’m not.

The principal met with David.  She talked with us.  She said that she thinks David would do well in AM Kindergarten, then leave for his services in the special education room.  He would have lunch, recess, phys ed, music, computer lab, and art with the all day Kindergarten kids.  He’ll get library time with an aide with him.  Between you and me, if she had said anything else, I would have left and been completely justified in homeschooling.  But as it is, maybe it’s for the best.  Maybe.  If the little ones benefit, and David does well, and Celia grows and overcomes some fears, then it will be worth it.

Celia remained adamantly against school.  She also wanted NOTHING to do with the bus.  She was still moping when the principal asked how David will handle the bus.  Remember, there are no seatbelts aboard.  She said that the first few rows are reserved for kindergarteners.  She also said that Celia and David will be riding together to and from school.  Celia perked up.  Then the principal asked if I thought Celia would be interested in sitting with David on the bus.  She overheard and jumped up.  Celia informed her that she most definitely wanted to sit with David.

Things were looking up.

From there I took Celia and David to Wal-Mart.  David picked out a Spiderman 3 backpack–trimmed in blue of course.  A blue lunch bag.  A blue sandwich box.  A Spiderman 3 folder.  A Spiderman 3 thermos.  Celia still has a pink backpack in excellent condition.  She picked out a  pink heart lunch bag.  A pink sandwich box.  A hot pink polka-dot folder.  A pink floral thermos.  Since she’s going into second grade, she also got a pink pencil box, and ten floral pencils.  David needed new sneakers.  He tried on a bunch and settled on a nice black and white pair.

Needless to say, they’re officially excited about the start of school.