Some of you may know, I have a Basset Hound.  Yes, four kids and the dog.  And the cat.  And five young frogs.  And a fish.  And as of yesterday, three slugs.  With the recent separation, I thought Scott would be happy to have a dog to keep him company.  He is a dog lover.  But, he said no.  We moved in with my dad who has a dog also.  They play well together.  But my dog will counter top surf and knock over the trash can.  My dog has gone upstairs and pooped on my dad’s floor several times since we moved in.  Since things here are tense and my dad doesn’t actually talk to me much, I decided that I should find a new home for the dog.  It was something I had discussed with Celia already.  Something I’d thought about since before leaving Texas.  My mom thought it was the right decision.  Scott didn’t really say what he thought.  Just that his mom said Daisy could stay there for one month while I made up my mind.  All I heard from my dad was a report from my sister that I didn’t have to get rid of my dog.  That was it.

The same horrible day that I enlisted the kids in public school, I posted the dog on Petfinder.  Since then I’ve received emails from 6 families.  Three of them were previous basset owners.  One of them didn’t actually have internet.  The tech from their vet’s office contacted me.  The gentleman had gone into their office and asked if they knew of any bassets that needed a home.  The tech had just seen my ad the day before.  I waited about a week before calling the couple.  I finally just called today.

They seem like great people.  They’re in their early 60’s.  The husband has macular degeneration and a guide dog.  The wife misses her basset.  She died 4 years ago and is now ready for another dog.  I talked to the husband for quite some time today.  He said he’d be calling me back soon.

When my dad finished with work, I told him that it seemed I found a home for Daisy.  He seemed shocked.  He said that things were going well.  That she plays nicely with his dog.  That he hasn’t had to medicate his dog for her separation anxiety since we moved in.  He said she just lies in front of Daisy’s crate.  He’s begun closing the door upstairs so the dog and cat can’t go up.  He said he’d rather not have the cat on his new furniture either.

And wouldn’t you know that there I am torn up inside and my phone rings.  The wife was calling to find out if they could come up tonight!  It was 7 when they called.  They had to eat dinner and then drive an hour to get here.

I asked my dad what I should do.  His advice was to call them back and tell them the kids were really upset and now I had to talk to them about it more and decide what I want to do.  Then he adds, “Unless you want to get rid of your dog…”

So I did.  I feel horrible.  The poor couple was so excited about the basset they found.  They were so excited about it.  And I called them up and told them my kids were not handling it well.  I needed one more week to think about it and talk it over with them some more.

And it wasn’t truly a lie.  Earlier today Celia told David that we were selling Daisy and he got really mad at her.  I asked her to drop it.  That I would handle it.  She said, “So handle it!”  But we had just pulled into the gas station.  I said I would handle it…later.  While pumping gas, I could hear them fighting again.  When I got in, Celia announced that David was mad at her.  He was sitting there with a stern look on his face.  I sighed, “Celia, I wanted to handle it.  I wanted to talk to him.”  She said, “So talk to him.”  But I couldn’t.  He was so upset that he wasn’t going to hear me.

So, after all of that, I have kept my dog.  I have one week in which to decide if I truly keep her or I can call the couple and adopt her out.  Stay tuned…