Well, I put my kiddos on the bus this morning. Amazingly I didn’t even cry. I was proud at David as he breezed past the first seat. The one he was supposed to sit in. And sat with a little boy from our neighborhood whom we don’t know. Celia pouted. She wanted to follow the plan. Sit together in the first seat. It was an issue again in the afternoon. But they survived. David’s book says that he did well. That was from his Learning Support teacher. Nothing from his Kindergarten teacher. Celia was thrilled to announce that there were no tests and her teacher had no reason to yell at her. There was one boy, however, who kept talking. Oh, and at 12:30, I indulged the hyper-vigilant side of me and called the school nurse. David was supposed to get his Risperdal at 12:10, after recess. I got hold of the nurse. She put me on hold for about 5 minutes. When she came back, she apologized and said that it had been a busy day. She also added that David was now on his way to her office. She said that everyone forgot. Once again, being hyper-vigilant has paid off. So in your face, Dr. Collins!