Here it is, Mother’s Day.  The one day that is meant to honor moms for all they do.  Growing up, Mother’s Day was a major holiday.  We had brunch.  We gave flower’s to my Grandmothers.  We made things at church and school.  We proudly  presented my mom with as many things as we could.  One year we had 35 family members in our home for brunch.  Other years we went out to brunch.  This year there is no honor.  No glory.  And most importantly, no brunch.  Scott was unable to have the kids Friday or Saturday.  So, he has the kids today.  My grandparents have a meeting to go to.  My mom is 12 hours away.  I prepared to be home alone.  Yesterday I had hoped to have fun with the kids.  We kinda did.  I mean, if it weren’t for my migraine, it probably could have been enjoyable.  But there was no way I could leave the house.  In fact, the first Imitrex I took did not help the pain at all.  It only served to make me nauseas.  The second Imitrex did help, and it added to the nausea.  I told Scott that assuming my migraine was going to continue, he should plan to pick the kids up this morning before church.  This morning I woke and didn’t feel as badly as I had expected.  I only had a short time to wake the kids, toss clothes at them, and push them out the door to Scott.  It was somewhere around the throwing clothes at them that I realized the headache was not my only ailment today.  I also have a very sour stomach and…well, let’s just say a stomach virus.  So, here I am on mother’s day, not celebrating, not enjoying other’s company.  And not even resting peacefully.  My dad graciously went out for Pepto Bismol.  It has helped a bit.  I’m hungry.  I want a good cup of coffee.  But something tells me that coffee won’t help with my stomach situation.  To put it mildly, this day sucks.