Today was the first day of summer vacation. A joyous day. Right? Last night I was so exhausted I collapsed into bed when I put the bigguns to bed at 10. Yes, that is an hour later than normal, but it was the last day of school. We were out riding bikes until after 8. Celia was really progressing on her new 20″ bike. No training wheels. Today we hoped to work on that some more.

At 8 the phone rang. It jarred me awake. I saw that it was my sister. I answered but no one was there. I dozed off only to wake 20 minutes later because Daniel was up. I called Jaime back. She hadn’t realized that I wasn’t up at 7 to put the kids on the bus. We talked for a little bit about Father’s Day and our lack of plans. Then I heard my Dad’s dog going nuts outside. I jumped up to let her in, to find her terrorizing a Box Turtle. I corral the dogs and rescue the turtle. I moved him into a tub with a little water, a low flat rock, and a scoop of wet cat food. The three boys and I spent a bit of time outside, then I herded them in so I could shower.

Just before I was finished my wonderfully cold shower (seriously, wonderful), I heard pounding on the door. Celia asked if she could answer it. I said she could look out the window. All the dead bolts were locked anyway. I don’t think she could have answered it. It was my neighbor. My cousin’s wife. Celia came running in announcing that Kristie was at the door, holding my cat. Then the cat bit her and ran away. I called their house, but no one answered. So, I went next door. No one answered the door. I saw my cousin back near their garage, so I walked back and asked how Kristie was. My cat had broken skin. I apologized to them. Mostly to Kristie. My cat is on the nasty side because he never had a cat Mommy. Only me. Brad said he would have kicked it if he’d been the one who was bitten. I ignored him. Kristie said it really hurt. I offered her pain killing Neosporin. She accepted. She thanked me for it and then laughed, “Thanks for the cat bite and the ointment.” Yeah, Neosporin was the least I could do.

Later in the afternoon, I went into the backyard with the dogs. I heard a screeching and Bailey (my dad’s retreiver) was sniffing around going nuts. I rushed over to see what she’d found. I struggled with her for a few moments, only to realize that the screaming was coming from where my Bassett hound was. She’d found a bunny nest. And she killed a poor hairless bunny.

The kids had been rammy all day. A woman at Wal-Mart this morning assured me that it lasts the first two weeks after school lets out and then it will even out. I certainly hope so. I was so flustered today. Far too stressed out.

I decided that a drive would help us all. So, we hopped in the car, spent a fortune filling it with gas, and then drove. About 10 minutes into the drive, a bird flew up and hit my windshield. I have no idea if it survived. I was just glad that it didn’t break my window.

I was having a bad animal day. Shortly thereafter Scott called me. I told him that with my luck within a few hours I would be calling him to announce that a deer hit me. And too ironically for me, on the way back home, there were three doe standing in the middle of the road. I did NOT hit them. I saw them early enough that I came to a complete stop and waited for them to cross. But it was closer than I liked.

I just can’t believe how the animal kingdom rose up, united, and attacked me today.