Henry picked up a Superman tee-shirt from the floor. He showed it to Daniel, “Wook. Ba-man!”

Daniel asked, “You wanna be Supaman? Okay!” He took the shirt from Henry. “Wook here.” He slipped it over Henry’s head. “Wee-as Henwee?” He pulled it down. “Dare he is!” Henry giggled. “Okay,” Daniel said, “put your ahm up.” He held the shirt as Henry’s arm popped out. “Udder side. Ahm up.” But the shirt was folded under so Henry couldn’t get his arm in.

I said, “You’re going to have to help him with that one.”

“Okay.” Daniel reached in and grabbed Henry’s arm. Steering him like you do a newborn. Still the folded shirt blocked him.

I reached over. “Here.”

Daniel steered Henry’s arm up and out the hole.

Then Henry picked up a blanket and brought it to Daniel, “Cayfe.”

Daniel just said, “Go to mom.”

So Henry came to me. “Cayfe.” I smiled as I tied it around his neck. Then Daniel bounded off. He found another Superman shirt and a bandana for his cape. I tied it on and they flew away.

A few minutes later, Henry’s cape came undone. He brought it back to me. I asked, “Can you find a better cape? A bandana like Daniel?” He wanted his favorite blankie, but I don’t like tying them and wearing out the yarn. He came back with an already worn out blanket. “Perfect,” I said.

Suddenly Henry got in a snit. He threw down the green blanket. “No.” Then he took off his Superman shirt.

Daniel, being supportive, chimed in, “Good job, Henwee!” Daniel picked up the discarded shirt. “I can pud id away!”

He began walking to the closet, but Henry objected. Daniel turned and handed it to him. Henry furrowed his brow, took the shirt, and threw it on my bed.

Daniel shrugged and walked away. He continued to be Superman. With or without Henry.