My Daniel. My little, precious Daniel will be starting Kindergarten on September 8. I’ve had some difficulties enrolling him. My own mental difficulties. But I finally broke down and did it. His 5th birthday was August 10th. He received a Hulk backpack to take to school, but I didn’t finally enroll him until last Thursday. August 21st. So while David and Celia have received their bus assignments and teacher assignments, Daniel will be waiting to receive his. And today he had his school physical. The pediatrician we have been seeing was my doctor when I was born. She’s old. In fact she retired when I was a teenager and for some reason came out of retirement and is practicing again. She wasn’t pleased with Daniel. She asked if he could recite his phone number and address. I said no. That is something they learn in Kinder. I didn’t feel like he needed it memorized now. So big deal. Then she hands him a pen and tells him to write his name. (Here’s where it comes in handy to have a child named Bob.) He drew an oval and declared it a cucumber man. She told him to draw a circle. He did. She said to draw a square. He drew an odd shape and called it some super hero. She drew a square with him hand over hand while counting the sides. Then told him to do it. He did. She said, “He’s going to be behind.” I told her that he’s only begun willingly coloring and drawing within the last two weeks. And it’s summer. How am I going to teach him to write his name in two weeks during the summer when I have 4 kids?!? She asked why I didn’t put him into preschool. I’m a stay at home mom. He could’ve gone to Headstart, but why? I’m a stay at home mom! During the school year we worked on stuff more than we did this summer, but he wasn’t ready to write until now. I’m not about to push my child just so I feel like he’s ahead. She began asking him to identify colors of things that were visible and not visible (a toy, grass, the sky, etc.) and he was always correct. He knew all his shapes. I then told her he also knows all his letters and most of the phonics sounds. She reacted with surprise. Then she said, “He watches Sesame Street?” I didn’t quite get what she was saying. I answered with a confused, “Well, kinda, no not really…” Yes, I am an articulate mother. After the fact I realized that she was insinuating that all his letters and sounds knowledge came from TV. I AM A STAY AT HOME MOM!!! What on earth do people think I do all day?!? Sure my house is a mess. It’s a mess because I spend more time on puzzles and reading and coloring (IF they’re willing) and playing and doing laundry and cooking than I do picking up 8,000 action figures or filing 2,000 papers sent home from school. I also informed the wonderful doctor that Daniel excels at puzzles and spends time almost every day putting puzzles together. She said that she always had a hard time with puzzles. Can we not acknowledge here that MY son’s strengths are different than other kids? He can also cut paper rather well. I talked to a mom today whose daughter could write her name when she began Kindergarten, but could barely cut even half-way through. And I know that I should shake it off. And I will. I really will. But for right now, she definitely ruffled my feathers and I’m reacting defensively. But after all I’ve gone through with David, I think that is going to be a hard habit to break.

Oh, and while writing this post and the few breaks I’ve had to take to help Henry and David with their current project, Daniel has put together a 50 piece puzzle and it’s the first time he’s done this one.