This morning David is a little out of sorts.  He was playing Batman on VSmile, Daniel was on the couch behind him.  And David was upset because Daniel was holding a toy.  Daniel wasn’t touching David.  His toy wasn’t making noise.  But David was flipping out.  When David walked away from VSmile, all 3 boys ended up sitting on my lap and I played a game.  David was upset because he wanted me all to himself.  I suggested he could play Batman again.  He said that no, he didn’t want to.  About 5 minutes later, without anyone suggesting it, Daniel hopped off my lap and said that HE wanted to play Batman VSmile.  You’ll never guess what happened next: David got upset.  Five minutes later, David was sitting on the bedroom floor surrounded by toys.  I asked if he wanted to play a game on my computer.  He said “Not right now, I’m trying to destroy Daniel’s life so I can have mine back.”