2008-11-04-041Henry has gotten into this habit of actually waking at about 5 AM.  He drags all his knit and crocheted blankets and piles them onto my bed before attempting to climb in himself.  At this point I groggily say, “You can’t come in my bed until you go potty.”  That is, after all, what woke him.  He just won’t acknowledge that on his own.  Last night he said, “Follow me.”  I was obviously still quite asleep, because I remember saying, “Where are we going?”  He walked to my side of the bed, held out his hand, and answered, “To the baff-room.”  In my head I was thinking, “Right.  Right.  Of course.  The bathroom…” So we stumbled down the hall together.  He stood for a moment by the unopened toilet.  I asked, “Are you going to go potty?  Or should I go first?”  He said, “We’ll go together.”  (I think he’s still under the impression that everyone has a penis.)  He said he wanted to stand to pee.  He looked so cute on his tippy-toes, using both hands to aim–even though he really doesn’t need to.  When we were all finished in the bathroom, we stumbled back to bed.  Just as I got in, he asked, “Where’s my blue blankie?”  I probably mumbled, “I don’t know.”  And Henry said, “It has to be dum-where.”  After a few more “It has to be dum-where’s” I found it on the floor on his side of my bed.  He snatched it from my hand and said, “Dare it is!”  And he snuggled down to sleep a few more hours.