I actually did it. I finished my first children’s book today. (*Notice my optomism: “my first children’s book.”) It is called Waiting Is Hard. And I must say I am pretty proud of the results. Forgive my lack of modesty, but I am excited.  I began this book months ago when I ordered a Batman toy on eBay for David.  As soon as I won the auction he went nuts.  He couldn’t wait.  He couldn’t stop pesting and whining and driving me absolutely bonkers!  And what do you know?  I read this book to him every night as we waited and it helped.  Today he was just as excited as I was when I ordered 5 copies of “our book.”  And now I’m going to be the one jumping out of my skin because I have to wait.  I sincerely hope I get my book published.  I think it can help other  people who have similar experiences.