Since the beginning of this year, I have been planning a roadtrip. It was to be the mother-of-all-roadtrips. I put aside tax money and began writing down possible places we would want to visit.

First I was focusing on the northern United States and the National Parks. I’ve never been further northwest than Chicago. So, perhaps we’d stop at my mom’s outside Chicago for a week. Then proceed on. The Wisconsin Dells. The Badlands. Mount Rushmore. Yosemite and Old Faithful. Then we could head south. Maybe even see the Grand Canyon for the first time. Then head to Las Cruces, NM to see friends and then on to Plainview, TX to see my BFF. (It has been 3 long years after all.)

THEN my mom moved to FL.

When adding Florida into the mix, suddenly South Dakota is really REALLY out of the way. So, disappointments aside, we changed the trip.

Perhaps we could see adopted family in North Carolina that I haven’t seen in 10 years? They think it sounds good too. (That still may or may not work due to their daughter’s serious health problems. Pray for Elsie. She’s 6.) Then we could proceed to FL. A week with Gram and Pop-pop Chief (the kids’ name for my step-dad). Maybe even get one day at Magic Kingdom… Then we would make the arduous drive to Texas. My cousin just moved to Austin. We could visit him. Then he mentioned going to his in-laws’ in San Antonio. They have a ranch and a guest-house/shed. (Nothing fancy but it IS air-conditioned.) BUT that will only work if we go on the weekend. And that probably won’t work with the visit to my mom. Hmmm… But after seeing him and his wife and baby, we’re to continue on to Plainview – home of my wonderful best friend, her hubby, and her (now) three beautiful children. The baby is giving her some difficulty as is PPD. Then we thought we could go to Las Cruces for a couple days. Definitely over a Sunday so that we can attend Calvary Chapel Las Cruces. I was a member before it was ever a church. Then head home whatever way we wanted. Perhaps stopping in southern Illinois to see my friend Melissa (for the second time face-to-face).

It is going to be horribly hot in the south for tent camping, but since in FL we were to stay in my mom’s townhouse, that was one week out of the tent. And the week in TX would be worth it to see our friends. Then I thought maybe I could spring for a hotel room one night in Las Cruces. Then the tent one or two nights on the way home (continually heading north).

For quite some weeks this was the plan. I was psyched. The kids were psyched. The dog may have even been psyched. (I didn’t ask her.)

And then…

My best friends postpartum is not improving. Her son still has difficulties nursing. She’s not really functioning. Now is not a great time for a visit. Mega disappointment.

My mom forgot to mention to her new landlord that my dog was visiting for a week. She asked him and he said absolutely not.

My aunt who was going to go to Disney with us has had meningitis and then a relapse all within the last year. My mom pointed out that she probably couldn’t do the heat or the rides. That means if I go to Disney now it will just be me and the four kids. And who knows what I’ll do about the dog. I thought that for the day trip I could leave her with my mom… Yeah.

So, I spent pretty much all day today looking for places I can take my kids during the month of August.

I am perfectly befuddled. I don’t know where to go or what to do.