I have decided that rather than sit here on my hands praying that I am being proactive enough to help David, I am getting him a service dog.  I cannot just sit here and wonder if his medicine is enough. Wonder if his therapy is enough. I want to help in EVERY way possible. I want to make sure that he has the best life that he can have. I want to see him burgeon into a fulfilled adult. Not a stunted, violent man that can’t be trusted without a chaperon.

So the decision made, I have now moved to step two. Research. I am looking at every site I find. I am reading all their basic FAQs. I am ruling out some. But in general the list is growing. There are many organizations to choose from. How do I make a choice? Praying will of course be the biggest part of the decision making process. But not prayer alone. I also intend to reach out to the organizations and interview them as much as they will invariably interview me. And I am also hoping to gain feedback from others going through the process or that have finished the process.