What’s the saying…A good deed never goes unpunished?  My sister had a monster cold leading up to Easter.  And of course we were hosting 14 people.  At her house.  I spent the weekend at here house–as I normally do.  But this time we were cleaning and sterilizing and food shopping.  The night before I baked 4 Funny Cakes (Butter Sponge cake over chocolate sauce and all in a pie pan) and boiled the potatoes.  We decided to just mash them instead of the more involved potato filling.  Then we carried tables up and down from the basement until we found a configuration that would fit the most people and yet still allow us to walk in and out.

Easter day I did most of the cooking.  Jaime set up the tables (beautifully as always).  And the rest of the day went rather well.

Monday morning I woke with my throat on fire and a cough that could wake the house.  And on it went.

Talking made coughing worse.  Coughing made me lose my voice.  I was living on a rotation of Robitussin, Aleve, honey, and mint tea.  Sleeping was difficult on a good night.  And to make sleeping more difficult, Henry’s allergy cough turned nasty.

So yesterday morning we headed to the doctor.  Henry’s allergies had turned into a sinus infection.  My viral infection had turned bacterial because of my asthma.  He scored Augmentin.  I was given Prednisone and a Z-pack.

This morning my voice is working a little bit.  We did have a rough time last night.  Henry was moaning in his sleep then waking to a coughing fit.  I couldn’t stop coughing and choking so I had to abandon my bed to get fresh tea and an Italian ice.  I had to wake Henry at 11 this morning to make sure he took his medicine.  We continue the Robitussin, Aleve, honey, and mint tea regimen.

I am thankful there is finally light at the end of this long tunnel.