Adventures of Chaos and Mayhem

My life with four kids and their Autism, ADHD, and OCD…



Treading Water

It has been over 2 years since David was killed.  Over 2 years and I am still unable to go to church without freaking out. Over 2 years and I still have panic attacks at the grocery store.  Over 2... Continue Reading →


A Dog for David

I have decided that rather than sit here on my hands praying that I am being proactive enough to help David, I am getting him a service dog.  I cannot just sit here and wonder if his medicine is enough.... Continue Reading →

Still in denial

I am currently sitting in a dark hotel room.  My four children are sleeping spred over two double beds.  Tears are freely streaming down my face.  Tomorrow we will reach Chicago.  Yesterday I left Plainview.  I left Amanda.  I left... Continue Reading →

Scott wrote this:

One Sunday at church David wanted to be held and was just generally cuddly. I was looking at him and thinking that if (hypothetically) he stops developing now or soon that Liza and I might very well be the only... Continue Reading →

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