Adventures of Chaos and Mayhem

My life with four kids and their Autism, ADHD, and OCD…

USA Approved Characters

Okay, I like the USA channel on my cable.  I do.  I watch Monk and Psych and all the reruns of NCIS and House and Law & Order: SVU.  But my beef is their new campaign.  These Approved Characters.  To... Continue Reading →

I finished!

I actually did it. I finished my first children's book today. (*Notice my optomism: "my first children's book.") It is called Waiting Is Hard. And I must say I am pretty proud of the results. Forgive my lack of modesty,... Continue Reading →

They get too big too fast

Henry has gotten into this habit of actually waking at about 5 AM.  He drags all his knit and crocheted blankets and piles them onto my bed before attempting to climb in himself.  At this point I groggily say, "You... Continue Reading →

Celia’s Wisdom

The other week at her dad's house, Celia said, "Chocolate is like jeans.  It goes with everything."

What a day for a headache…

This morning David is a little out of sorts.  He was playing Batman on VSmile, Daniel was on the couch behind him.  And David was upset because Daniel was holding a toy.  Daniel wasn't touching David.  His toy wasn't making... Continue Reading →


My Daniel. My little, precious Daniel will be starting Kindergarten on September 8. I've had some difficulties enrolling him. My own mental difficulties. But I finally broke down and did it. His 5th birthday was August 10th. He received a... Continue Reading →

Summer School

Well, David (being Autistic) qualified for Extended School Year (ESY).  It began this past Tuesday.  It will run Mondays through Thursdays for the month of July.  And he's home by lunch.  This week went rather well.  I thought.  David had... Continue Reading →

VERY Interesting Video

Playtime with Daniel and Henry

Henry picked up a Superman tee-shirt from the floor. He showed it to Daniel, "Wook. Ba-man!" Daniel asked, "You wanna be Supaman? Okay!" He took the shirt from Henry. "Wook here." He slipped it over Henry's head. "Wee-as Henwee?" He... Continue Reading →

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