Adventures of Chaos and Mayhem

My life with four kids and their Autism, ADHD, and OCD…

To Roadtrip or Not To Roadtrip

Since the beginning of this year, I have been planning a roadtrip. It was to be the mother-of-all-roadtrips. I put aside tax money and began writing down possible places we would want to visit. First I was focusing on the... Continue Reading →


What a way to end the day

My day began to be disrupted last night. I was supposed to drive to my sister's in Lancaster, but the school district's automated system called to tell me there was a 2-hour delay in the morning. I called my sister... Continue Reading →


We had school conferences yesterday. First was David's. He's doing very well. His reading is a little behind, but mostly because he needs to really learn the -ed and -ing endings. He is having a few behavioral issues right now.... Continue Reading →



Kittens are adorable, right?  Well, I think I could agree a little bit more if we qualify it.  How about...domestic kittens are cute, right?  Wild kittens.  Not so cute.  So, tonight on the way to Boy Scouts, a woman flags... Continue Reading →


USA Approved Characters

Okay, I like the USA channel on my cable.  I do.  I watch Monk and Psych and all the reruns of NCIS and House and Law & Order: SVU.  But my beef is their new campaign.  These Approved Characters.  To... Continue Reading →


I finished!

I actually did it. I finished my first children's book today. (*Notice my optomism: "my first children's book.") It is called Waiting Is Hard. And I must say I am pretty proud of the results. Forgive my lack of modesty,... Continue Reading →


They get too big too fast

Henry has gotten into this habit of actually waking at about 5 AM.  He drags all his knit and crocheted blankets and piles them onto my bed before attempting to climb in himself.  At this point I groggily say, "You... Continue Reading →


Celia’s Wisdom

The other week at her dad's house, Celia said, "Chocolate is like jeans.  It goes with everything."


What a day for a headache…

This morning David is a little out of sorts.  He was playing Batman on VSmile, Daniel was on the couch behind him.  And David was upset because Daniel was holding a toy.  Daniel wasn't touching David.  His toy wasn't making... Continue Reading →


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